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Sheila Woodcock, QSE Consulting

Sheila Woodcock with CLSI President Dr Gerald Hoeltge and Professor Ogo, University of Bamako, Mali.

QSE Consulting is committed to providing clients with the best possible range of services and recognizes that this sometimes means employing additional resources. QSE Consulting has established business alliances with other service providers to bring a variety of expertise, products and services to our clients.

  • KM Quality Laboratory Solutions provides clinical laboratory consulting in Nova Scotia to provide support to clinical laboratories, government agencies and laboratory suppliers so they are able to meet provincial, national and best laboratory practice regulations and standards.

  • Dalton Health Care Consulting offers diverse administrative, clinical, operational and educational heath care consulting services to both public and private health sectors, specializing in the areas of diagnostic medicine and health information technology.

Phone: 902-766-4295

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