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The list of satisfied clients includes analytical and clinical laboratories, provincial and municipal government departments and agencies, regulatory and standards agencies, professional societies, hospitals and educational facilities.

  • 2004 - Approved as a Vendor of Record by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and a provider of services for the Government of Nova Scotia.
  • 2008 - Met the prequalification requirements as a provider of consulting services for Fraser Health Authority, BC, to support the implementation of the Clinical Services Plan.
  • 2009 - Standing Offer Agreement, Department of Health & Social Services, Government of Nunavut for Consulting & Professional Services
  • 2010 - Selected for inclusion in the Consulting Services Standing Offer June 2010 to May 2012

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Health Canada
2008 - Developed an evaluation tool for the assessment of laboratory services provided to Canadians, and their dependants, stationed with Canadian Missions overseas as part of the "Public Service Health Overseas Program" project.

BC Ministry of Health Services, Medical Services Division
2008 - Subcontracted by Dr Vicki Foerster to identify alternative governance models for the Diagnostic Accreditation Program of British Columbia. Through a series of interviews and discussions with key stakeholders, document review and research of other similar programs, a report was developed and presented to the Ministry.

New Brunswick Department of Health
2007 - Conducted a comprehensive review and assessment of the current state of public health laboratory support in New Brunswick in the absence of a Provincial Public Health Laboratory. This included an in depth survey of services provided, on site visits to regional laboratories and in depth research of the provision of public health laboratory services nationally. Recommendations and changes required to meet Federal expectations and best practice standards, together with a business case to address gaps in services and quality, were developed and presented.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Laboratories Branch
2006/07 - Retained to conduct a third party review of the Eastern Ontario Laboratory Association's (EORLA) business case to determine the validity of the EORLA service delivery model projections regarding: cost avoidance and efficiencies in hospital laboratory expenditures; with the expectation of greater efficiency in the use of human, financial, medical, scientific and technological resources producing a robust and viable integrated laboratory. A detailed analysis of all aspects of the business case was conducted by a team of eight consultants.

Provincial Laboratory Coordinating Office, Vancouver, BC
2005 - Facilitated the introduction and implementation of quality management principles in all BC hospital laboratories, as part of a broad Lab-Reinvestment initiative to create a coherent patient-centred laboratory system focused on seamless service delivery. Medical and technical advisory and working groups were established to develop template documents, such as a quality manual and procedures for transfusion medicine and to lead the education and implementation strategies over a period of a year.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Laboratories Branch
2005 - Conducted a detailed business case analysis of a proposal to provide water testing in Ontario on a cost recovery basis. The study included an analysis of the water testing process and the associated costs, surveying the Public Health Units and making recommendations for implementation of a cost recovery fee.

Office of Health Promotion, Halifax, NS
2005 - Sub-contracted by Horizons Community Development Associates as one of five facilitators working with representatives of organizations involved in injury prevention, to develop evaluation criteria for the provincial injury prevention strategy.

Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Laboratories Branch
2001/02 - Completed an operational review of the Data and Specimen Handling at the Central Public Health Laboratory in Toronto; and subsequently retained on a second contract to work with the staff to facilitate the implementation of the recommended changes to meet Ontario Laboratory Accreditation requirements.

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Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
2011 - Contracted to undertake a study of cytotechnology training in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, to identify the desired future state, complete a gap analysis between current and future states and to recommend various regional model options.

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
2009 - Designed, implemented and analyzed a detailed on-line survey as part of the data gathering for a study of quality practices in pathology and laboratory medicine. Also surveyed related organizations and conducted literature reviews, to formulate a detailed report to include recommendations for strategies and solutions.

Cancer Care Ontario
2006 - Facilitated the implementation of the Pathology Checklist Reporting Project, based on the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Pathology checklists for cancer surgery. This entailed preparation of technical documents detailing audit criteria, auditing process, coding rules and glossary of equivalent terms; interviews with Regional Vice-Presidents; as well as organizing and supporting a three week tour of Ontario in 23 locations, to present the results of the first audit of 44 hospitals.

City of Ottawa, Utilities and Public Works Department
2002 - Conducted a detailed review of current operations of the Laboratory Services Section, benchmarked against similar municipally operated water treatment and distribution facilities and proposed an operational strategy to reflect the need to meet ISO 17025 standards, regulatory requirements and customer expectations, within defined resource constraints.

VON Lunenburg County, NS
2003 - Prepared and delivered education sessions on caring for the caregiver.

Canadian Blood Services
2002 - Undertook an operational review; process mapping and gap analysis, to optimize efficiency and to ensure all required standard operating procedures (SOPs) were available. The Canadian Blood Services Toronto Centre was concerned with ensuring compliance with stringent federal regulatory standards, mandated as a result of The Report of the Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada (the Krever Report).

College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario
2002 - Conducted a review of the issues surrounding accreditation and examinations, facilitated discussion of the issues by the College's Registration Committee and prepared a summary report detailing options.

College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario
2001 Designed and delivered a training program for complaint investigators.

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Central Health, Newfoundland
2011 - Engaged to review and assess documentation relating to the validation of two Beckman Coulter DxH™ 800 Hematology Analyzers and the two Beckman Coulter AcT™ 5diff AL (autoloader) Hematology Analyzers. The review and analysis included assessing the adequacy of the validation protocols, comparison studies between new and existing equipment and normal ranges established. Recommendations for further actions were provided and later assessed.

Weeneebayko Area Health Authority
2010 - 2011 - Supported process improvement activities in order to meet the requirements of the provincial accreditation program. This included an initial gap analysis and development of recommendations, recruitment of interim management staff and assistance with longer term recruitment. Ongoing monitoring of progress identified the need for assistance with SOP writing and planning for accreditation site visit.

Diagnostic Services of Manitoba
2010 - Conducted on-site assessments of two hospital laboratory sites using CAP accreditation checklists; identified gaps in compliance to the standards; assisted staff with the interpretation of CAP standards and accreditation requirements; provided recommendations and an action plan to correct the non-compliances.

Health Care Network of South Eastern Ontario
2009 - Undertook a detailed review of the Southeastern Ontario Regional Hospital Laboratory Services in partnership with HealthTech Consultants. QSE took the lead on the current state assessment, governance, and human resource assessment and planning components of the project; facilitated stakeholder engagement; and provided support and advice on the formulation of a future state model, and the business plan components of the project.

Southlake Regional Hospital, ON
2008 - Undertook a study of pathologist staffing required to support the transition from a small community hospital to a large regional centre, benchmarking against other similar facilities and studies done nationally as well as in other countries.

Grand River Hospital, Kitchener, ON
2008 - Developed a corrective action plan for implementation over an 18 month period, based on deficiencies cited in a recent accreditation site visit and taking into account pans for merging laboratory operations in two facilities.

York Central Hospital, Richmond Hill, ON
2004, 2008 - Facilitated and supported the implementation of a quality management system for the laboratories, including production of a quality manual, process mapping and development of policies and procedures and staff education over an eight month period. Requested to return 4 years later to review progress and readiness for second accreditation in 2009.

Prince Rupert Regional Hospital, BC
2008 - Conducted a review and analysis of current workflow patterns and laboratory layout; developed recommendations and options for the layout and design of a new laboratory, including the out patient blood collection area. The final report included supporting documentation such as process maps, movement diagrams and drawings for a number of potential layouts of the new laboratory space.

Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, ON
2004 - 2008 - Conducted an operational review of one laboratory division, recommended changes to policies, processes and procedures, organizational structure and facility design. Retained on a second contract to facilitate the implementation of the changes recommended and ensure that all of the required procedures were documented. Subsequently engaged for analysis and revision of staff roles and responsibilities and associated position descriptions. Produced a "Guide to Child-friendly Blood Collection Procedures" that will be distributed to hospitals and laboratories throughout Ontario.

Campbellford Memorial Hospital, ON
2005 - Facilitated and supported the implementation of a quality management system for the laboratories, based on provincial laboratory accreditation regulations. This included production of a quality manual, process mapping and development of policies and procedures and staff education.

Capital District Health Authority, Halifax, NS
2005 - 2007 - Retained to implement quality management systems in all of the thirteen hospital laboratories over a two-year period 2005-2007. Conducted an initial gap analysis, set up working groups, provided education and guidance.

Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, Toronto, ON
2005 - Supported the implementation of quality systems management for the laboratory, including education of staff, production of a quality manual and developing a document control system for laboratory policies, procedures, forms and any other documents as identified.

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, ON
2003 - Assisted the Laboratory's management with the self-assessment of the quality system in compliance with the Ontario Laboratory Accreditation requirements and prepared an action plan to prioritise improvements required and to address any remaining non-conformances.

Cape Breton District Health Authority, Sydney NS
2003 - Reviewed the organizational structure of the laboratories within the district and recommended changes that would result in more efficient and effective operations.

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Assiniboine Laboratory, Winnipeg, MB
2009/2010 - Assisted the laboratory with its preparation for provincial accreditation, by doing a gap analysis, recommending changes, reviewing, revising and writing procedure manuals for all areas of the laboratory.

LifeLabs Vancouver & Victoria BC
2009 - Developed and applied appropriate checklists to assess the readiness of the two large reference laboratories for ISO15189 accreditation. The assessment was conducted in two parts, first to assess the pre and post analytical aspects of the operations and included visits to a representative number of Patient Service Centres; then the assessment of the analytical operations in Burnaby and Victoria. Reports were provided indicating the extent of compliance and recommendations for changes to achieve compliance.

Gamma Dynacare Medical Laboratories, Brampton, ON
2009 - Conducted a third party audit of a testing process set up in a small community setting to provide timely INR results for local physicians, to determine the compliance with Ontario Regulations and provide an assurance of patient safety.

Trainor Laboratory, Winnipeg, MB
2009 - Supported the laboratory with the implementation of the basic requirements of a quality management system and preparation for provincial accreditation. This included an initial gap analysis, review & revision of manuals, development of new manuals where required, review of associated procedures, design of a document control system and staff education.

Insception Biosciences, Mississauga ON
2005/06 - Conducted an organizational review to determine compliance to AABB Cellular Therapy Standards in preparation for accreditation. Subsequently contracted to prepare a Quality Manual, develop Quality Systems and conduct research for the selection of an appropriate LIS to support operations.

Canadian Medical Laboratories, Mississauga, ON
2003 - Surveyed the head office laboratory facility and assessed readiness for Ontario Laboratory Accreditation; submitted a detailed gap analysis report.

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King Fahad Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
2010 - Invited to prepare and deliver a two day workshop on quality management principles and practices for 20 laboratory staff, as part of preparation for CAP accreditation.

Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI)
2007 - 2012 - Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) in partnership with CDC and Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Tanzania. Four year project, funded by PEPFAR, to educate and support the five zonal hospital laboratories in preparation for accreditation to ISO15189. Site assessment visits once a year and workshops between visits have resulted in significant progress and improvement in quality of laboratory services. Accreditation of the first laboratory is expected in 2012.

Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI)
2007/08 - In partnership with NIAID/NIH, provided required diagnostic laboratory support to ensure that a sustainable quality management system was in place for a clinical trial for a malaria vaccine taking place in Mali, NW Africa. ISO15189 was chosen as the reference standard and working with the staff over a period of six months, quality practices were implemented and monitored.

The Michener Institute for Applied Health Sciences
2001 - 2004 - Conducted a feasibility study to determine the resource implications of expanding the student intake for an existing program. Contributed to the educational needs assessment process for the education of Palestinian health professionals in Lebanon, financial management support for the duration of the CIDA/CCP project 2001 - 2004; final assessment and draft report.

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Lunenburg Folk Harbour Society, Lunenburg NS
2006 - Facilitated a strategic planning session with the Board members and Committee Chair persons.

Health Promotion Clearinghouse, Halifax NS
2004 - Retained to facilitate strategic planning with the Steering Committee of this organization and to subsequently prepare a business plan.

CLMA Trillium Chapter, Toronto, ON
2004 - Facilitated a strategic planning session with the Board members and revised the business plan for the organization based on the outcomes of the session.

Nova Scotia Laboratory Managers
2003 - Facilitated an education day on quality systems management, including the development of a strategy for pursuing changes for Nova Scotia hospital laboratory accreditation.

Lunenburg Queens Falls Prevention Program, NS
2001 to 2003 - Served as project coordinator for a Health Canada/Veteran's Affairs Canada pilot initiative. The goal to raise awareness among seniors of the risks associated with falls was addressed through several different strategies presentations, design, development and distribution of promotional materials, participation in seniors fairs, public service announcements, print, radio and TV, and the production of a video. An extensive evaluation report was prepared for Health Canada.

Sharing Strengths Society, NS
2003 - Assisted with the implementation of the Carver Model of Governance for the Society's Board of Directors, by reviewing draft policies and delivering a presentation to Board members.

Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science
2003 - Undertook a detailed review of the literature on advanced certification for allied health professionals and summarized the results of the review in a report to the Board of Directors.

Agreement on Internal Trade Consortium for Medical Laboratory Technology
2003 - Prepared a Discussion Paper on the Issues Arising Out of the Variation in Provincial Occupational Standards and Requirements for the Practice of Cytotechnology, Cytogenetics and Genetics across Canada

College of Respiratory Therapists of Ontario
2002 - Conducted a review of the issues surrounding accreditation and examinations, facilitated discussion of the issues by the College's Registration Committee and prepared a summary report detailing options.

College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Ontario
2001 - Designed and delivered a training program for complaint investigators.

Canadian Network for Asthma Care
2001 - Researched and prepared a summary overview of quality assurance and competence assessment options for health care professionals.

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